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Roof Replacements and Repairs Backed by Quality Workmanship, Customer Satisfaction, Affordability

Our roofing contractors pride themselves on their workmanship, customer satisfaction and affordability. By dealing directly with the owner, and avoiding high-pressure salespeople often found with other roofing companies, we provide professional level roof replacements and repairs at a very competitive price.  

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. Let us do your roof replacement or roof repair!


C.A.S. Roofing and Siding's mission is to save you both time and money. Our roofing contractors have over 30 years of experience and use the highest quality materials and equipment to replace or repair your roof. It’s our number one commitment to deliver exceptional service  - we will not leave the job until it is finished and you are satisfied with your new roof. 

Proudly Replacing and Repairing Roofs Near You

C.A.S. Roofing and Siding is among the top roofing companies in Utica, Shelby Twp., Sterling Heights, and Troy. Our roofing contractors proudly service Warren and the surrounding areas. We are among the top roofing companies in Troy. 

Services and Locations: 

  • Roof replacement in Utica
  • Roof repairs in Utica
  • Siding and Gutters in Utica
  • Roof replacement in Shelby Twp.
  • Roof repairs in Shelby Twp.
  • Siding and Gutters in Shelby Twp.
  • Roof replacement in Warren
  • Roof repairs in Warren
  • Siding and Gutters in Warren
  • Roof replacement in Troy
  • Roof repairs in Troy
  • Siding and Gutters in Troy
  • Roof replacement in Sterling Heights
  • Roof repairs in Sterling Heights
  • Siding and Gutters in Sterling Heights